Kleen Tank gets your RV's holding tanks factory "kleen"



Mike and Betty Pomante of Kleen Tank of Southwestern MissouriKleen Tank of Southwestern Missouri is just one of a family of Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers. Owned by Mike and Betty Pomante they are currently located in Bolivar, Missouri and serving the cities and communities of Springfield, Branson, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Occasionally we travel away from our home base, staying in RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds for anywhere from an overnight to extended periods of time, including months or even seasons. We also attend many RV club or organization rallies, RV shows, and other RV-related events.

We’re RV owners just like you! Currently, we travel in our Grand Design Reflection 337RLS fifth wheel. It’s our second Grand Design and we’ve been RVing for many years (so we know a lot of your frustrations!).

Mike and Betty Pomante of Kleen Tank of Southwestern MissouriHaving had a fulfilling career as a Funeral Director Manager, and also a strong desire for relaxation in the outdoors has led us to Kleen Tank where we can continue to be of service to folks in times of need and enjoy our favorite outdoor activity at the same time.

We’re firm believers in synergistic approaches to problem solving. Having a group of 45+ nationwide fellow Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers who continually interact with each other gives each dealer the ability to stay up to date with the processes and practices that solve tank issues and keep things flowing as desired.

Mike Pomante of Kleen Tank of Southwestern Missouri explaining to a customerThe varied personalities and everyone’s background with RVing is especially interesting to us. We thoroughly enjoy meeting new folks and hearing the limitless stories that many are eager to share. In fact, we fondly remember a service job where we were able to help a single mom with with children get their facilities working again.

We’re proud to be member sof the Kleen Tank Dealer Network. All of our Authorized Dealers work extremely hard at keeping Kleen Tank on the cutting edge of the most effective, efficient, and thorough methods of keeping RV holding tanks in the best of health and optimal performance.

We’re always glad to hear from RVers with questions and inquiries and as we travel, be sure to see where we’re at (or going to be!) so we can meet up and even schedule your RV for a professional tank cleaning. You can call us anytime or reach out to us online. Thanks and we’ll see you “out there.”

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Find out the top five reasons why you’re having tank problems, whether it’s sensors, odors, or drainage issues. Here’s why you need Kleen Tank!

Tank Solution Recipe

You’ve heard of Kleen Tank’s RV tank solution. Get the recipe here so that you can make your own and leave the enzymes behind.

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Your RV’s sensors aren’t accurately reading because your waste holding tanks are dirty, no matter what you do to them. Onboard sprayers aren’t taking care of the problem. Enzymes and other chemical tank additives are only making the situation worse. You’ve probably given up hope of them every working properly again.

Kleen Tank’s hydrojetting process is the ONLY way to get your tank sensors working properly — and accurately!